About Taco ‘Bout Tasty:


Food has become just as important as the conversation around the table, SO LET’S TACO ‘BOUT IT!!!!!

It’s the most social part of our society! Especially for myself: a twenty something year old who makes conversation over drinks and appetizers whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I find guilty pleasure in discovering new flavors around me and even experimenting in my own kitchen!!!

The tastes, flavors, and feelings that surround food are what make us thrive throughout the day and sharing my own food, drink, mid-day munchies, beverage, snack, cocktail and guilty pleasure dine in (or out) experiences with you all is INCREDIBLE and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay tuned and look forward to biweekly posts about the latest and greatest foodie friendly spots I visit along with the recipes I whip up on my own!

**Please reach out to me at run4fun1994@gmail.com with any questions regarding recipes, places to dine, ideas you would like to share, or just whatever foodie thoughts are on your mind!!**